Kitchen Appliences Cleaning Services

Interior Fridge & Oven Cleaning

Over time, it’s inevitable that food and liquids spill inside the fridge and oven. It’s important to keep up on regular cleaning to ensure you always have a clean place to store and cook your food.
Our refrigerator cleaning will remove:
Food stains
Mold and hardened food particles Mysterious odors
Grime on shelves, racks, and drawers
Dirt and dust in the corners and crevices of doors

We’ll clean every inch of your oven, inside and out. Our professionals will:
Remove the racks and clean them individually
Clean and rinse the interior, including the inside of the door Polish the oven window
Wash the exterior and ensure it is streak-free

services, including:

Remove grease from kitchen hoods and exhaust fans

Empty grease traps Replace filters
Disinfect sinks and countertops Clean vents
Refill chemical dispensers

Deep clean ceilings, walls, floors, and kitchen equipment

Concrete cleaning

With our professionals, no part of your kitchen will be left to accumulate grease and bacteria. Bayt al Ghaf holds its crews to the highest criteria in order to create a safe environment in your building.

Industrial Kitchen Cleaning Services

If your facility has a kitchen on-site, there are a lot of areas that probably need more than just a routine clean-up. The cleaning of your kitchen hoods, ovens, and other large equipment is necessary to keep your facility operating at its best.

Dirty kitchens are more than just an eyesore: you can put employees, clients, and visitors at risk of food-borne illnesses or even a major fire if your facility kitchen is not properly maintained. A professional cleaning service saves your company from the potential liability of a greasy and dirty kitchen. City Wide works hard to keep your kitchen up to the highest safety standards by maintaining it for you.

Cross contamination with food preparation can cause quite an unsanitary situation, so verifying your maintenance vendor takes the necessary precautions is vital. City Wide works with experienced and knowledgeable crews to ensure your kitchen facility is serviced properly and safely. Our professionals offer a wide variety of kitchen cleaning