Our Services

Bayt al Ghaf Cleaning Services includes and is not limited to : General and Deep Cleaning, Post-construction deep cleaning, move-in/move out cleaning, Offices, Showrooms and other Commercial and Residential spaces.

Our General Cleaning includes cleaning of Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Kitchen, and Living Room are washed and wiped with the help of all cleaning products, like detergent, water, disinfectant and toilet cleaners. Furniture and carpets cleaning done using the most advanced.

Baytalghaf provides a complete solution for Residential and Commercial Cleaning. Such as buildings, apartments, villas, offices, and restaurants. We help you in making your place clean and sparkling to live.

Our high- quality products are supported by a equally high-quality service organization that works to eliminate downtime and maximize running-time, ensuring productivity saving and extended operating-life for the equipment.

Service packages, customized to meet your specific needs, are available to secure optimal service-support for your machine.