What Non-Chemical Options Are Available?

→ There are several successful non-chemical tools and methods to help with bed bug elimination. From encasements to interception devices, to vacuums and steamers, there are a variety of tools to quickly eradicate bed bugs without the use of pesticides.

Mattress and box springs are often the most common areas that bed bugs typically infest within a home and can often be the trickiest to treat. Encasements provide many benefits including simplifying bed bug treatments, cutting down on labor costs, salvaging infested bedding and protecting new bedding as well as detection of new bed bug infestations.

Monitors can be either free-standing or under-the-leg devices. Both styles are considered “pitfall” traps where
bed bugs crawl up the sides and fall into a pit where they can not escape. These devices can detect up to 95% of infestations in as early as two weeks. Monitors can be used reactively as part of a treatment plan to provide relief and peace of mind to the client or proactively to detect infestations.

Bed bug lures like the SenSci ActivCRTM, can attract up to twice as many bed bugs to a monitor. The lure features a scent that mimics the chemicals found on the surface of
the skin to attract bed bugs. The lure can last about 90 days before needing to be replaced. The SenSci ActivCR fits seamlessly into the SenSci Volcano® bed bug interception device and can also be used in the SenSci PyramidTM Pitfall Trap to increase the effectiveness of the traps.

Steamers offer an effective treatment method for different types of upholstered furniture as well as other
areas of the home where bed bugs have been noted but pesticides are difficult to use. The high-heat from the steamers can kill bugs on contact as well as address any
pesticide resistance concerns in the bed bug population.

Vacuums play a major role in bed bug management efforts. Vacuums are used to physically remove as many bed bugs from the mattress, box spring, bed frame, headboard, furniture, etc. While vacuums are extremely effective, care must be taken to dispose of the contents of the vacuum immediately after use.

Similar to using a hot dryer to heat up your clothes to kill bed bugs, whole house heat treatments heat up your entire home to at least 120 degrees in order to kill the bed bugs. This is a great non-chemical option for treatment as it only uses heat to kill the infestation, however, it often can be a costly option.

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